Couple Communication Workshop: Spherical Measurement

Couple Communication Workshops

Spherical Measurement

Thrive Spheres:  A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Not sure what’s wrong — or right — about your relationship? You’ve talked about it and talked about it and just go around in circles. Time to THRIVE! The spheres you produce by answering a series of questions will show precisely where weaknesses and strengths lie.

Lots of times, “seeing” helps us catch on quicker than “explaining.” That’s what Thrive Spheres do for relationship problems.

Commitment, trust, problem solving, communicating, family problems, talking together, sharing values, sexuality, special moments together, anger, helpfulness, defensiveness…and more. See it laid out for each partner separately plus a special sphere that fits your spheres together into one. Where you fit and where you don’t.

Thrive Spheres: How Do They Work?

Thrive Spheres are completed before the Couples Communication workshop begins and again just prior to the final week, and give a visual representation of how a couple’s relationship changes in the areas their Action Plan has targeted.

The Thrive Spheres program was developed in part by Sherod Miller, Ph.D., one of the principals behind the ICP Communication Programs.  The two are designed to work together as a means of giving healthy couples the tools and processes to achieve “collaboration, communication and transformation”.

Look at the charts before and after:  Is there movement along personal lines?  Did you increase (or decrease) behaviors that would affect your joint goal?  Did you discover additional areas that need work?  Are you going in the right direction?  Is your joint journey flexible enough?

Use the strengths you see in your first Thrive Sphere to attack your weak areas. Now learn Couple Communication® skills. Repeat Thrive. You’ll be blown away by the differences you see.

For the first time, see and feel progress in your relationship!

Thrive Spheres are especially useful to:

1.   Identify individual strengths and weaknesses

2.   Use self-understanding to create an Action Plan with your partner

3.   Chart progress over time

The Skinners have achieved results with THRIVE that match what I always saw this program doing. I am pleased to endorse their skills in teaching communication skills – they have made clear differences in the lives of couples.

– Sherod Miller, Ph.D., Creator, Couple Communication Programs; Co-creator, Thrive

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Married 30 years, we're still learning each other's language.
Married 30 years, we’re still learning each other’s language.
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