What Do Couple Communication Workshops Look Like?

Couple Communication Workshops

What Does A Workshop Look Like?

It looks like this . . .

. . . a small group of dancing couples.

Classes in ActionKathe and David teach the workshop together, believing strongly that a communication class for couples should be taught by a couple. The instructors often illustrate concepts and skills with their own (good and bad) experiences. They know that being a couple is hard work.

Each workshop is made up of 8-10 couples.  Couples are screened prior to selection for the workshop: those experiencing domestic violence, intense conflict, or substance abuse are not appropriate for this workshop.

Couples practice with small issues, “learning to fish while they’re fishing.”  They’re never asked to disclose personal information (a big fear of most men) and always contract with their partner before talking about an issue.

A great deal of camaraderie develops within groups. Sessions are relaxing and feel safe. Laughter predominates as partners learn the “dance of communication.” To promote this environment, Kathe and David keep the classes secular — each couple chooses their own dance.

Doing any kind of dance well takes practice. Permanent change happens after workshops are over, as couples continue to use the skills that have been learned.
Some couples periodically want to refresh their communication skills. We encourage participants to keep their relationships in shape by dropping in on future workshops. Being Heard offers this opportunity at no charge.

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Kathe Skinner, MA, LMFT
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Married 30 years, we're still learning each other's language.
Married 30 years, we’re still learning each other’s language.
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