What Couples Are Saying

“Eye opening approach that let me be me without you being judgmental and [I felt] very comfortable. Even though you made me aware of what I was saying and how I was saying it, you were fair and listened to both of us equally, which is very important to me. You let me BE HEARD!” – Dan H

“I needed to feel safe in our relationship and this workshop has made such a difference! We are now able to talk and share better than ever!” – Alicia Z

“…Gave me a practical way to begin resolving issues that I’ve denied or avoided.” — Hugh

"You don't just say you love me; you act like it, too."

“You don’t just say you love me; you act like it, too.”


“I was skeptical at first but I actually feel that I have learned valuable communication skills and this class has been well worth it.” – Andy

“Will enrich our relationship for the rest of our lives!” — Bill & Sherry

“What we needed was a better means of working through issues productively. Thanks to this class I’m hopeful for what the future may hold.” – Dan L

“Glad to have learned these communication skills at an early point in our relationship. We really feel prepared to solve any issue in of future together.” — Adam & Leslie

“We get so much more accomplished in our discussions.” — Robert & Heather

“Because of our repeating communication roadblocks we always ended up in the same place. Now that we know how to work on our styles of communication — I need to listen better — we’re in a much better place.” – Dennis Z

“To be able to…resolve issues…in a non-combative way has revitalized out marriage. We can now generate trust and solve problems together quickly. I am looking at him with a new attitude and it is helping greatly…Great guideline for effective personal interaction.” — Laura & Jim

“Most of us need to find a new way of seeing and being in this world but too often when we seek help it fails to touch us. I have the responsibility to be open and allow myself to be guided and the therapist has the responsibility not to give answers but to lead me to them. It’s quite the art, quite the craft I think; when a therapist has the true expertise, the patience and restraint to guide. We can pay a therapist to listen but we cannot pay them to care. I am forever grateful and forever changed by Kathe’s genuine love of what she does and her genuine care…Kathe is an exceptional therapist.” — Shelly

“Sensitive to our feelings, down-to-earth, and attentive when we were frustrated and upset . . .” – Sharon & Luke

“I’m more aware of my spiteful language.” Doug H

“Gets to the underlying issues and gets your thoughts heard.” – Joanne & Paul

“Interacting with other couples to address real life problems and how we were able to evolve this into understanding underlying problems and emotional (reactions).” – Richard

“How amazing this whole process has been and what a difference it has made. I feel like we are a completely different couple than we were…and in many ways feel like I have been falling in love all over – only this time, we are better able to communicate.” Jenni & Shane