Professionalism: Kathe & David Skinner

Kathe & David Skinner

Couple Communication Educators


David’s a “nerd”.   He retired after 35+ years in high tech.  An Adjunct Faculty member at Regis and Colorado Technical Universities, he teaches on the undergraduate and graduate levels in Mathematics and the Computer Sciences.  David has earned the prestigious credential of  Project Management Professional (PMP).   As of 2010, there were less than 400,000 active PMP certified managers worldwide; how cool is that?   He is a contributing member in developing  Project Management degrees at both schools.

Kathe isn’t a nerd.  Her experience comes from the humanities rather than the sciences, although she has always been grounded in the use of concrete outcome measures, and still is.  All roads — being a secretary, teacher, corporate manager, and freelance copywriter, even selling Mary Kay cosmetics —  were important in leading to her becoming a Marriage & Family Therapist.  Returning to graduate school in her 40’s, she was told to quit (by a psychologist, no less); that multiple sclerosis would prevent her success in school.  A degree and some years later, she believes that most couples are essentially healthy; that they need coaching when they get stuck, not psychotherapy or counseling.

Most couples aren’t “sick”; they’re “stuck”.

Both have years of experience as teachers — in public middle school, secondary education, higher education.  Both will tell you the love of teaching and learning and a joint commitment to each other, is what makes them powerful communication educators.  For over 10 years they’ve been teaching classes as Certified Instructors for Couple Communication I.  Kathe and David were in the small handful of instructors when the Thrive Spheres were first introduced.

Certified Instructors for Couple Communication I®  Kathe and David say that learning it helped their marriage, and that they teach it so it’ll help yours.  Besides, because each plays a different role and has different perspectives in professional, personal, family and marital arenas, they’re passionate believers that a couple communication course be  taught by a couple.

Kathe and David live in Colorado with two hooligan cats.

Being Heard Now

Kathe Skinner, MA, LMFT
David Skinner, MS, PMP
Married 30 years, we're still learning each other's language.
Married 30 years, we’re still learning each other’s language.
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